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Design for your entire property, not just the backyard.



We purchase and install all the shrubbery and trees to fit your property for years to come.

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Maintenance means cutting your lawn, trimming your bushes, mulching and more.



In the winter season, we shovel walks, salt all areas and plow snow.

Seasonal Coming Soon

Don't be overwhelmed.
We offer free consultations and free estimates.
We work with you to achieve the best outcome for your home.

Monster Paving and Landscaping is featured in the recent 2022 issue of
The Who's Who in
Design and Construction

in the category of Landscaping and Paving. 

The story talks about concrete stamping and asphalt stamping as a method to customize driveway aprons, walkways and patios. 

Be sure to ask for a reprint when you get your free estimate.

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